Schaffter Sahli is a graphic design studio based in Geneva. The studio specialises in creating visual identity structures which facilitate communication through design strategies. The studio works with a wide range of clients from cultural institutions – both public and private – all the way through the spectrum to industrial and other commercial sectors. By relating to the ambitions of our clients and associates the studio is able to achieve a level of design where the form of message and its communicative content intertwine tightly.

The Most Beautiful Swiss Books 2016
The Most Beautiful Swiss Books 2011
The Most Beautiful Swiss Books 2009

Swiss Design Awards 2016

Schaffter Sahli was founded in 2005 by Joanna Schaffter and Vincent Sahli.

Schaffter Sahli
Route des Acacias 43
1227 Les Acacias
T +41 79 743 77 22